I Destroyed a Billionaire Kids House ($10,000,000) 

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I Destroyed a Billionaire Kids House Prank ft. @FaZe Jarvis @FaZe Nikan
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May 9, 2021




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Comments 1 554   
The wave kid
The wave kid 8 days ago
If that’s a kid then I’m black
Stephanie 18 days ago
Jarvis no
REEANATIOR2431 Month ago
Jarvis’s height compared to Nikan. Did anyone else notice lol
gretta lloyd
gretta lloyd Month ago
That dudes not a billionaire maybe a millonaire and that dude is not a kid
LEGEND Month ago
Most huribul USliftr jk best youtuber freejavis faze up
fin _mh
fin _mh Month ago
Pahahahahahahhahahahah,when they snap the ‘paintings’ but you can still see them in the background
La Ninja
La Ninja Month ago
Shaheer Memon
Shaheer Memon Month ago
That was ko’s
Harrison Mayfield
I love it how Shawn doesn't really care
Fyndok _
Fyndok _ Month ago
¨you guys are RUDE2
Hazen Hunter
Hazen Hunter Month ago
That's not a kid idiot
Joker Month ago
5:17 🔥🔥
Trevyn Thompson
Trevyn Thompson Month ago
Love the vid
Banzi Playz
Banzi Playz Month ago
He just showed his address
Rishik Maheshwari
U make so good vids
Mythic And Marcus
Your re insane jarivs
Menace Solarkii
Menace Solarkii Month ago
too far
Exposing spy ninjas
I love you
Leon Dodd
Leon Dodd Month ago
Hi :)
Flawless _
Flawless _ Month ago
Dude he cant act hes just smiling
CJ X GEN2 Month ago
What kinda kid got a beard
Lauren Benoit
Lauren Benoit Month ago
You showed us the address
Ethan :/
Ethan :/ Month ago
Who here after jarvis’s ko
Sandra Reyes
Sandra Reyes Month ago
You guya always take things to far bro
Tayaye_ Month ago
Jarvis vs shaun??😂
Charlie Grebert
Charlie Grebert Month ago
Jarvis is in -1000000000000000$
terrick chang
terrick chang Month ago
Don’t say Jesus or God’s name
Carl Storm
Carl Storm Month ago
Carl Storm
Carl Storm Month ago
Thomas Schembri
Thomas Schembri Month ago
This is so hard to watch for people who are ocd
Jennifer Byers
Jennifer Byers 2 months ago
They leaked his address
Crazy Jam
Crazy Jam 2 months ago
Jarvis got beat up
the legend
the legend 2 months ago
kay you forgot to put the adress blurry
juliantungg Gaming
juliantungg Gaming 2 months ago
Why is the guy's hand signs so awkward
haroon ahmed
haroon ahmed 2 months ago
I understand why being a billionaire was his dream BECUASE nobody wants to be the opposite, right?
IvikRBLX Josefsen
IvikRBLX Josefsen 2 months ago
Aka same cost of the og og FaZe house
Kechi Amene
Kechi Amene 2 months ago
That is not the richest kid in America
Annie Edge
Annie Edge 2 months ago
The end lol
Sosobi rblx
Sosobi rblx 2 months ago
lets goo
lets goo 2 months ago
Tell jarvis to change hairstyle
SimpHunter 2 months ago
what if sean commented
sav4ge 2 months ago
no offence but this is probably gonna get jarvis arrested by karens
sunny may vishorn
sunny may vishorn 2 months ago
elliottt burton
elliottt burton 2 months ago
i ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
Alex Osaghae
Alex Osaghae 2 months ago
Yo this ain't funny bro
Tonia Selman
Tonia Selman 2 months ago
He’s got a beard
Tonia Selman
Tonia Selman 2 months ago
He’s not a kid
bardia sabbagh
bardia sabbagh 2 months ago
I feel like they did a good job kicking you guys out of Florida
JBL xKiller
JBL xKiller 2 months ago
How does Shawn have the same clothes
Noah Rhodes
Noah Rhodes 2 months ago
Eruptifying 2 months ago
LifeasFaria xD
LifeasFaria xD 2 months ago
Why would u do that dudw
Daniel Dog
Daniel Dog 2 months ago
Your paying for it Jarvis
Gaming and vlog channel
The saddest day in his life!!😂😬😪
Jamar Davis
Jamar Davis 2 months ago
Everyone follow me on Instagram veri.fxed_clipxz
I am MineBlox
I am MineBlox 2 months ago
Bro you just destroyed 30k just like that!!! 13:20
capittalsniping 2 months ago
DONLAD be like damn bro i thought we were friends but i am now broke
SimbaPR 2 months ago
Ai ai athatina
dep7up 2 months ago
A hug From me to everyone.
Artin AtGaming
Artin AtGaming 2 months ago
Bruh u spent 800 dollars on socks my mom won’t even spent 50 😂
Food Delights & More
He is not the Rich donlad is un subbbb
GalaxyGamer569 2 months ago
Rhys Thornton
Rhys Thornton 2 months ago
He reminds of Jack Black
Sparkle 2 months ago
I like how Sean went from knowing the owner of the house to becoming the owner of the house
Joker Month ago
Who’s the owner of the house?
Eriet 1234
Eriet 1234 2 months ago
Prank apex and say every one is leaving 🤣😂
xdRaids on twitch
xdRaids on twitch 2 months ago
$800 for socks¿
Job Veldhuizen
Job Veldhuizen 2 months ago
I just wanna point out, most of the times very rich people are a holes but this dude is very chill man I respect that.
Job Veldhuizen
Job Veldhuizen 2 months ago
I got displates before absolutely sick, I'd recommend all of you to buy them if you find a sick design. You definitely get your money worth.
karen mcclain
karen mcclain 2 months ago
Im a big fan please yo tell Jarvis he should not be band
Rome Kelley
Rome Kelley 2 months ago
6:00 is that where all the tp 🧻 went
Norma Rivas
Norma Rivas 2 months ago
iLLuZioNz 2 months ago
this dude looks like hes older than u both combined LOL (ps great vid)
John Haughney
John Haughney 2 months ago
Solid Slayer
Solid Slayer 2 months ago
Can you give me a shout out
Tom Hugheston
Tom Hugheston 2 months ago
We know where lesters hiding now n where all his money’s come from 🤣
how is he so rich
Mythical kid
Mythical kid 2 months ago
Anyone notice they left the address in the video
Lisa Queen
Lisa Queen 2 months ago
milan_200ping 2 months ago
Who else misses the old Jarvis hair😔
Dora Neeley
Dora Neeley 2 months ago
Yo Kay if I beat u in a fortnite kill race can I be in faze?
Karma Akabane
Karma Akabane 2 months ago
Thinks his 500k car and 240k car are ruined : takes a Snapchat
Raven 2 months ago
when is the new faze house comin?
Dark cloudzz
Dark cloudzz 2 months ago
Hey kay are you gonna be in vegas in two days im gonna be in vegas hopefully i see you guys have a good prodoctive day
JellyZondo 2 months ago
play games
Gideon 2 months ago
Hé aint a kid
Pog 2 months ago
do u have problems no wonder he got banned i mean but it kinda interesting
NotT1tan 2 months ago
Meanwhile Rashid spending 10 billion dollars in Dubai
Cam Boyette
Cam Boyette 2 months ago
It’s a prank says Jarvis. -1000000000$ no it’s not
Gg's to 6 mil subs
Austin and caitlin clipz
if u get ten u get a 103 percent discount
Hashirama Senju
Hashirama Senju 2 months ago
Kay videos are fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
sipyycat 2 months ago
its so funny when jarvis looks up at nikan
Messiah C D
Messiah C D 2 months ago
Faze Kay get back with you ex
slick 56
slick 56 2 months ago
That is the Chillis billionaire lol free Jarvis
PAUL SUTER 2 months ago
Sigurd Jæger Fagervik
Shiloh Jenkins
Shiloh Jenkins 2 months ago
11:06 dude came out of nowhere XD
shadow bullet
shadow bullet 2 months ago
if he is rish why does he were the same t shirt
Ryan Salazar
Ryan Salazar 2 months ago
congrats on hitting 6 mil Kay.
The Mindful Missy
The Mindful Missy 2 months ago
i have 500m dollars
HDS SQUAD 2 months ago
*DAB* Mod in Among Us
Chalk Warfare 4.0
*DAB* Mod in Among Us