I Got Hunted By A 14 Year Old for $10,000 

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I Got Hunted by A 14 Year Old & My Brother. FaZe Jarvis & FaZe H1ghSky1 ft. @FaZe H1ghSky1 @FaZe Jarvis
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May 16, 2021




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Comments 3 061   
Advay Kochhar
Advay Kochhar 3 days ago
This is the same thumbnail that mrbeast did on his challel
BIG SMOKE 4 days ago
the thumbnail is similar to Mr Beasts
Bose FN
Bose FN 8 days ago
Hmmm the thumbnail looking very SUS
that one animator
that one animator 15 days ago
Idk 19 days ago
This is my home town and high sky is fresh and new and runs into the glass door
Noobies _Y
Noobies _Y 19 days ago
u guys in las vegas i remember being there
Amazing Sheroo
Amazing Sheroo 21 day ago
Why is the thumbnail the same as mrbeast tag game but u have high sky and Jarvis as the faces
abdullaahi ali
abdullaahi ali 24 days ago
I think this is kinda like Mr Beasts vid but different in some ways so yeah
auner josue hernandez
Um jarvis you forgot to say this is from mr beast...... The same backround....
Dee jojo
Dee jojo 25 days ago
10:53 enemy uav in the air🤣🤣🤣🤣
kailash kumar
kailash kumar 27 days ago
He used the same thumbnail as Mr beast
Jefferson Christian Lie
Mr.beast's tag video has 10x more the reward
Real 28 days ago
i like how kay took a mrbeast thumbnail from a video
dayday Month ago
I went to that flower place before
Mxdl122 Month ago
Mxdl122 Month ago
High sky how old are you
Luigy De La Cruz
U saw kay on one wheel
uglyfatman123 • 69 years ago
Mom can we have mrbeast thumbnail Mom: we have mrbeast thumbnail at home mrbeast thumbnail at home:
Vjaw Month ago
Mr beast made a very similar vid of bounty hunter than Kay said hunted and same thumbnail and highsky’s face is on a 20 year old man
Chem_ 691
Chem_ 691 Month ago
This is like a heist 😳😂
ND Hyper
ND Hyper Month ago
Why is faze jarvis always in the thumbnail
Mr beast thumbnail???
fzcaa Month ago
the mrbest thumnail tho ahahahhaa
Juanito Basas
Juanito Basas Month ago
mrbeast thumbnail
Ollie Harris
Ollie Harris Month ago
Mr beast from wish
owen yeeet
owen yeeet Month ago
i like how its walmart version of mrbeats video
0ffSide Month ago
The same mr beast thumbnail
Eliante Calixte
Eliante Calixte Month ago
MRbeast thumbnail
ElseCamilla Løvstrøm
You Guys do like mrbeast vid
Jason peters
Jason peters Month ago
it from mr beat
umeraldo Month ago
fantasy fam
fantasy fam Month ago
Did he use mr beast thumb nail
Underrated Izz HD
Frazier's face was so funny when he realised that Jarvis and HighSky passed him when he was opening the GFUEL
Atttar M. Dzaky
Atttar M. Dzaky Month ago
Woooow nice thumbnail from MrBeast
Zapping Zane
Zapping Zane Month ago
Haha faze Kay you just made my day when you walked into the windo
DiamoK3LL Month ago
gaming dragon
gaming dragon Month ago
Very smart video idea its not like someone famous did it before I don’t know like maybe mrbeast
Misty FN
Misty FN Month ago
Jarrod Burdette
Jarrod Burdette Month ago
Man weird this looks almost like mrbeast's video
Anoop Athwal
Anoop Athwal Month ago
What bike is Kay riding in the video
Chew Junwei
Chew Junwei Month ago
DA mm the thumbnail remind me of smtg else
Lxst manny 2
Lxst manny 2 Month ago
Wait why is high sky in the casino he’s 14 😱
Zero_ilikeanime Month ago
imagine stealing someone's thumbnail SMH MY HEAD
Froggy and Friends!
Steals Mrs beasts thumnail
Hii —••—
Nitro- Light
Nitro- Light Month ago
I love how every video They do 10,00
viswanth doppalapudi
the thumbnail was so original
Skyz Month ago
The magnificent starter pivotally start because recorder disconcertingly head under a receptive spider. longing, zany pizza
JJ1212liam Month ago
They ripped off Mrbeast thumbnail
olive oli
olive oli Month ago
i like how kay's thumbnails is like mrbeast thumbnail when he got hunted by and bounty hunter for 100,000
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki Month ago
its just like mr beast but i am not hater
LaZaR YT Month ago
Never knew Kay was bike life 😭😭
ian lois
ian lois Month ago
Pov: You're looking for ppl how talk about the thumbnail
YT Giddy
YT Giddy Month ago
Bro why u cpoying mr beast man, come up with your own ideas
Mahdi Ahmed
Mahdi Ahmed Month ago
The thumbnail is like mrbeast bounty hunter video
Fear Snxgs
Fear Snxgs Month ago
What bike is that I want one
Bruh I need friend
Literally a mrbeast thumpnail
Prettyluhhamy ._.
Kay is the only one to hop in a white van🤣
Gwape 🍇
Gwape 🍇 Month ago
Wow they didnt even giv creds to mr.beast wow
PotatePotaate Month ago
you shouldve used coconut mall
Animal SIM
Animal SIM Month ago
6:23 song name??
Kontrol Month ago
Mr beast : make a video they said it will be fun they said
acir ff
acir ff Month ago
The camera man is the fastest 😂😂
Diviana Nunez
Diviana Nunez Month ago
Props to the camera man
HydraK7 Month ago
Hey this is h1ghsky1
aftab jameel
aftab jameel Month ago
Thumbnail ALERT (no hate😅😅😅)
aftab jameel
aftab jameel Month ago
Mr beast video
RDAI _ Month ago
😂😂 it’s mrbeast thumbnail
tinasia coleman
tinasia coleman Month ago
Lol Jarvis said pls fall out 😂😂
Erfan Max
Erfan Max Month ago
Did he buy a glasses and broke it after few minutes 🤣🤣🤣😂
Jaxon Hensch
Jaxon Hensch Month ago
Hey @Faze Kay well I know this thumbnail and idea is caught from Mr Beast. The thumbnail is from his 100,000 game of tag. I hope you respond to this thanks for listening.
Nylo Month ago
Kinda like Russian mrbeast
Atlas Emir
Atlas Emir Month ago
Deme Kvantaliani
Lol 😂😂 tumbnale from Mr beast
DodgerFan Month ago
Ummmm the thumbnail?? Ummmm yea if u know u know
David is a king Flores
Why did you steal this from Mr. beast
Suchita Jha
Suchita Jha Month ago
Copyrighted thumbnail
Coldjupiter 2992
Just saying the thumbnail is like mr.beast thumbnail
hyper wolfe
hyper wolfe Month ago
Bro thumbnail is just mrbeasts thumbnail but Photoshoped
NotFarhan -_-
NotFarhan -_- Month ago
Imagine Kay went inside the wrong van 😂😂😂
Mr. Bobo
Mr. Bobo Month ago
love how the thumnail is mrbeast hospital video
RedToast Month ago
Yea this is totally ur original idea totally not from mrbeast TOTALLY I really like your thumbnail
Abdul Muqit Shaikh
I don't want to be mean but you photoshopped your self in mrbeast video
✖Syah Month ago
Did you photoshop MRBEAST thumnails?
ScromZ Month ago
i love how the thumbnail is just like mrbeast tag video and the mrbeast swat video its just amazing
D Weeb
D Weeb Month ago
Bruh the thumbnail is from mrbeast
SawyerGames Month ago
Hi MrBeast
pcSLUSHY Month ago
Bro this thumb nail is Mr beast thumb nail
Chompy Chest
Chompy Chest Month ago
Ngl jarvis’s tounge don’t look right in the thumbnail. Anyone else see it?
Ghastify Month ago
bruh mrbeast
Averrill Scroggins
The way he jump in the van was like sum from gta
IDidThat Month ago
I hate that kid
Ezxlexx忍 Month ago
@IDidThat That dude grow up I remembered when he was that squeaker fortnite kid
IDidThat Month ago
@HJW I guess that his name
HJW Month ago
poperaymond Month ago
Its jokes how scripted these are. “Bro I got a Ghillie suit on, he’s not gonna be able to see me” *Has a whole cameraman in a bright red t-shirt sitting next to you & recording you*
123 456
123 456 Month ago
Swear but its good
Evan Month ago
Kay sounding like morgz now
Sean Wallace
Sean Wallace Month ago
7:26 Imagine not wearing a seatbelt tho sets a really good example
Landon Rivas
Landon Rivas Month ago
Mr beast
Eclipse YT
Eclipse YT Month ago
No one gonna talk about how that’s literally mrbeasts thumbnail
DrnWrld Month ago
U stealing thumbnails
Aysha aas
Aysha aas Month ago
Aysha aas
Aysha aas Month ago
Faze Deluxe 8