The Truth About SaveTheKids 

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Jul 9, 2021




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OpJo 7 minutes ago
3 weeks and no videos bit sus
Aydan Bloom
Aydan Bloom 24 minutes ago
Me trying to explain my f in math
Losekek !
Losekek ! 58 minutes ago
White tee shirt and apology.🤣
Rismer Hour ago
imagine getting a faze tattoo then getting kicked litteraly boxed like a fish
Rismer Hour ago
lol boxed like a flopper
Steel Ops 💯🩸
Hey Kay would you like to join Steel clan or would be Steel Kay
Steel Ops 💯🩸
@ركسوزي / RIXOZI just to see😂😂
ركسوزي / RIXOZI
Bro are you kidding 😂😂
Miles PLAyZ Yt
Pls post KAY
hate snowy
hate snowy 2 hours ago
just come back,it aint that deep
Buffalolink 2 hours ago
I feel sorry for u key bc we don’t know what to believe but I am on ur side
James Rodriguez
James Rodriguez 2 hours ago
he's sorry cuz he got cought
CrYpTiC 77
CrYpTiC 77 2 hours ago
I'm so confused some one please explain the kick
Anish Varma
Anish Varma 2 hours ago
Event horizon
Event horizon 3 hours ago
Me trying to convince my parents to buy me a ps5 when i failed the exam
Blaze-z Z
Blaze-z Z 3 hours ago
Na dont care I am un subing
Bruh Why
Bruh Why 4 hours ago
This man looks like he was up all night gaming instead of doing his homework and is now trying to explain to the teacher why he has not done it
Anthony Marin
Anthony Marin 5 hours ago
This video would not be possible without monster legends
ja te
ja te 5 hours ago
Me trying to convince my math teacher to round up 59% to 99%..........
Avamai Williams
Avamai Williams 5 hours ago
I’m confused can someone please explain
Sabier 5 hours ago
Just dropped in to dislike
BlaydThaGawd Music
BlaydThaGawd Music 6 hours ago
yeah yeah, the classic “I didn’t do it” excuse
Le Thi Nga
Le Thi Nga 7 hours ago
Why do you post videos anymore
Lone Maus
Lone Maus 7 hours ago
This guy is annoying to look at lol and his brother to something about them annoys me
Jor-Den Cunningham
Jor-Den Cunningham 7 hours ago
Do we have pog juice
Demise 9 hours ago
Naww allow it fam get out of here
TTV LEGEND YT 9 hours ago
What happend I don’t get it
Destreal_ controller
I lost some of my money and l was going to give
Fernando Hierro
Fernando Hierro 10 hours ago
Bro Kay I’m sad for you, u were the first faze member I watched in 2014 and therefore my favorite, unfortunately you know what you did I hope you don’t get into that much trouble but there will be consequences for your actions if you get out of this whole situation okay and with a lesser punishment life goes on and your learn to become a better person you learn from your actions. Frazier Khatrii i don’t care if faze is in ur name or not in ur name I’m still a fan and still continue too watch ur vids keep your head up and take care of jarvis
Onix 10 hours ago
Let's make his dislikes more than likes
Canz 10 hours ago
I know Kay has a good heart, I'm very sure he didn't mean for this
acat66 10 hours ago
no he 100% meant to do this
oscar king
oscar king 10 hours ago
The Comet
The Comet 10 hours ago
These videos just run well in the family
eldar turanov
eldar turanov 11 hours ago
NotAgingGD 11 hours ago
Khay though
eoin hennessy
eoin hennessy 11 hours ago
If you lost money. Harras this guy
Boon 11 hours ago
Trash.. this whole sht looks fkin familiar lol.
Snake6913 11 hours ago
You're a bad person
Galactic Gamer
Galactic Gamer 12 hours ago
Bruh…stop the cap
swallowedinthesea11 12 hours ago
im 14 i know a lot about life he really sorry if u thumbs down kay ur a bully y u gotta hate he donates a lot hes mrbeast version 2 hes my rolmodel and i'm going to donatr when i be rich like kay cus he worked hard has a jet and mantion house and has a hot gf
Huzintf 13 hours ago
I feel so bad
Brixyッ 13 hours ago
Anime doge
Anime doge 13 hours ago
Who happy he's kicked from faze?
Connor Juncaj
Connor Juncaj 14 hours ago
You gonna ever post again
acat66 10 hours ago
i hope he doesnt
BrownieJack69 14 hours ago
Kay we all make mistakes just please upload we love your videos
acat66 10 hours ago
i hope he never uploads again
2kbaddie Pleaseguardme
any updates?
OLIVERXXX 15 hours ago
Bro do you like to blink
Wendell Van Nortwick
it's all your fault
𝕋𝓇ᵃⓎ ό𝓃 ᛕ𝔹爪
Lmao 😂
It’s Not Drippy
It’s Not Drippy 15 hours ago
do you guys smell that? it smells… … like COMPLETE BULLSHIT
Adan Vlogs
Adan Vlogs 15 hours ago
Martin_81 15 hours ago
ya pero sin llorar
reyN 15 hours ago
Anyone watching his old videos to laugh at the life he's thrown away? He had the world in the palm of his hands lol Anyone watching his old videos to laugh at the life he's thrown away? He had the world in the palm of his hands lol Anyone watching his old videos to laugh at the life he's thrown away? He had the world in the palm of his hands lol Anyone watching his old videos to laugh at the life he's thrown away? He had the world in the palm of his hands lol Anyone watching his old videos to laugh at the life he's thrown away? He had the world in the palm of his hands lol Anyone watching his old videos to laugh at the life he's thrown away? He had the world in the palm of his hands lol Anyone watching his old videos to laugh at the life he's thrown away? He had the world in the palm of his hands lol
Chris Weedman
Chris Weedman 16 hours ago
From drippy in dior to lookin like he’s held hostage
Juan Arreola
Juan Arreola 16 hours ago
thats insane bruv
Scythxez Z
Scythxez Z 16 hours ago
brother like brother
neonswift 16 hours ago
Jarvis 2.0
manav 17 hours ago
Why does this USliftr look like FaZe Kay?
ItzVale 17 hours ago
ScoobPlaysGames 17 hours ago
I miss you Kay I hope you upload agin when this is all over
notrodi 17 hours ago
Moxxyez 17 hours ago
Hahah imagine being dumb
Moxxyez 17 hours ago
I feel bad
Mr Beast
Mr Beast 17 hours ago
Kay is lying I was a fan but tfue was right
Kunο 17 hours ago
he looks like jarvis
FortniteDabs69 16 hours ago
theyre brothers
bgaming 18 hours ago
The name looks plane just kay
Tyler Mariscal
Tyler Mariscal 18 hours ago
Why does he think he can keep lieing to his viewers and to the public, why can’t u and the rest of the people involved just come clean about what happened?!? The evidence is there, It’s not hard to tell that your still lieing about what actually happened.
Mrblaze 18 hours ago
Sorry there’s proof you’ve done this before so you messed up badly
Oneway Liam
Oneway Liam 18 hours ago
I bet you just put onions up you eyes
Gurble 18 hours ago
Quadoubled 18 hours ago
This is just as believable as that Jessie smollet allegation 🤣🤣
ali naeem
ali naeem 19 hours ago
ksmk no one cares
Leandro trs
Leandro trs 19 hours ago
Post again
acat66 10 hours ago
never post again is what i think you meant to say
H1ghSc0re21 19 hours ago
U guys are idiots man. Like he might actually be telling the truth and u guys are actually doing what he said in this video. "This person has abused my trust and used it against me" are u guys dumb he is litteraly speaking facts u dummys
Gurinder lotey
Gurinder lotey 19 hours ago
Mason Austin
Mason Austin 19 hours ago
Gavin Pianta
Gavin Pianta 20 hours ago
it so had
Ed Sangha
Ed Sangha 21 hour ago
My mans is so dumb
Ngoze Prince
Ngoze Prince 21 hour ago
He is lieing you can see it in his face
TheyHateRumdoog 22 hours ago
Its Sam Pepper behind it all…
Kevin Dub
Kevin Dub 22 hours ago
You suck kay chought in 4k
Emmanuel Ayeye
Emmanuel Ayeye 22 hours ago
I can’t be the only one who thinks that he is talking about banks
Papa Gooby
Papa Gooby 23 hours ago
And where was your inspiration to make this video? Faze Kay staring at Jarvis
Arian Rahman
Arian Rahman Day ago
It’s says something is very wrong with this guy when the first thing he mentions is “I lost money” first over his fans losing money
Natsuey Day ago
runs in the family 🤣
Skyfire Day ago
Honestly it kinda looks like he is forcing himself to cry but i am on his side when it comes to the fact that this should never happen and that the person responsible must be punished. However, the fact that he looks like he is forcing himself to look upset is annoying, if he is forcing himself to cry and he is not this vulnerable then he should just say what he feels. The fact he was punished by FaZe is understandable but he doesn’t deserve a ban. Remember this is just MY opinion and if you think otherwise then you can comment.
acat66 10 hours ago
the only thing is it was his fault, he is the person who must be punished
Aaron 94
Aaron 94 Day ago
you appreciate your fans because you take there money
Dood Day ago
You should’ve just stuck to sniping. Million Kay, obey Kay, those were the days man
Quinten Cools
I neet my money
Dr.Kancer Day ago
Its just Kay now
Aldjsjdjdjdkd Fieiwiwiwjas
Faze Jarvis was wearing I white t shirt when he got banned from fortnite and kay was were it a white shirt when he got banned from faze
Next Level Reynolds
Next Level Reynolds